WHO Collaborating Centre for International Nursing Development in Primary Health Care


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To support PAHO/WHO’s efforts to disseminate primary health care research findings and best practices to address Sustainable Development Goals, Universal Access to Health and Universal Health Coverage.
To support PAHO/WHO’s efforts to promote and facilitate interprofessional research, training and practice focused on primary health care, with emphasis on capacity building of nursing.

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Meeting Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus at the Astana Conference for Primary Health Care in Kazakhstan

As an Activity under our Terms of Reference, UIC faculty members provided a 1-week workshop for community health nurses in Trinidad and Tobago on how to develop an evidence-based practice quality improvement project in the workplace. We are planning a second workshop to support these nurses to develop publications to disseminate their evidence-based projects throughout the region. Our third workshop will be interprofessional and focus on pulmonary health: asthma, COPD and how to implement a smoking cessation program. 

UIC faculty also developed a free online series of 10 “continuing education” modules for BSN-level nurses and midwives in Latin American and the Caribbean to strengthen their ability to read and interpret published research and to develop and participate in evidence-based practice improvement projects in their primary health care practice settings. The modules await approval by PAHO for posting on their Virtual Public Health Campus. 

UIC faculty from our CC and the College of Medicine are collaborating on interprofessional education to expand a course on reducing health disparities for nursing, pharmacy and medical students. The nursing faculty will preceptor interprofessional students at a new clinical placement site in a correctional facility serving youth. The faculty members from nursing, medicine and pharmacy will collaborate on a publication to be disseminated through PAHO describing the process of co-developing and teaching this course.

Our college faculty are engaged in global collaborations for research and education in Malawi, Tanzania, Rwanda, India and elsewhere. We provide a summer educational program for undergraduate nursing students from eight institutions in East Asia and Europe.