WHO Collaborating Centre for Public Health Nursing and Midwifery


Viv Bennett


Wendy Nicholson


Rita Newland

Luke Guinness

Daniel Crewes


To support WHO by generating evidence and defining frameworks of practice for nurses and midwives which prevent avoidable illness, protect health and promote wellbeing and resilience. 

To support WHO by providing information about the nurses’ and midwives’ role and impact on maternal and child health. 

On request of WHO provide policy advice and technical assistance about public health nursing and midwifery to the Regional Office and Member States.  

This institution is a member of the


The Academic Network progress update:

    • Representation from approx 50 UK Higher Education Institutions
    • 17% increase in membership as seen in the increase in the number of contracts issued
    • Creation of an electronic platform system to facilitate communication between network members
    • Commissioned scoping study for public health nursing and midwifery frameworks and models now completed. This will be used to inform future work about the education/learning and practice development requirements for nurses and midwives.

Development and design of maternity and child health prevention pathway update:

    • Structure and presentation of the pathway is progressing well with engagement and direction taken from WHO CC technical advisors.
    • Collaboration with other CC’s being explored

Support application of pathway with case studies update:

    • Electronic platform to access case studies in development.
    • Case studies continue to be collected and validated.
    • Animation “how to write a case study” in development
    • Successful recruitment to a further two cohorts of technical advisors

Policy advice and technical assistance

    • WHO document review on air pollution and child health – professional advice given
    • Public health nursing engagement in the use of Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction 2015-2030 – presented at conference
    • WHO CC University of Michigan, School of Nursing – Automated Crash Notification technology course – reviewed
    • 2018 Partners’ Forum, Maternal Newborn Child Health- presented at conference
    • WHO Essential Newborn Care Training Materials- reviewed
    • Global Health work in the UK Overseas territories on Mental Health and Obesity. Strengthening territory Child Measurement programme (NCMP)- professional advice
    • Global conference 14th and 15th May 2019 – Translating evidence into action, using evidence to underpin health promotion practice to improve health and wellbeing outcomes
    • The Australian Centre for Public and Population Health Research (ACPPHR) houses trans-disciplinary applied public health and population health researchers who are committed to social justice in improving the health of Australia’s vulnerable populations and socioeconomically disadvantaged and under-served communities.
    • The Australian Research Centre in Complementary and Integrative Medicine (ARCCIM) is the world-leading public health research centre focused upon critically investigating and analysing a broad range of consumption, practice and policy issues around, traditional, complementary and integrative health care in Australia and globally. 
    • Improving Palliative, Aged and Chronic Care through Clinical Research and Translation (IMPACCT) focuses on interdisciplinary collaborative research optimising the health and wellbeing of individuals living with life-limiting illnesses and their families.