WHO Collaborating Centre for Nursing and Midwifery Development


Pooksuk Janepanish Visudhibhan


Jumpee Granger


Wantana Maneesriwongul
Yajai Sitthimongko
Jariya Wittayasooporn


To serve as a resource centre for training of nurses and midwives on advanced nursing/ midwifery or functional specialties in education and administration.

To serve as a resource centre for research development and innovations in nursing and midwifery with the focus on prevention and management of chronic conditions including acute exacerbation period.

To strengthen quality of nursing service in support of health systems strengthening.

To promote and support partnership and collaboration among nursing and midwifery institutions/organizations at the national, regional and international levels.

To scale up and strengthen faculty members/ teachers in nursing and midwifery educational institutions.


WHOCC SEARO: Expert Group Consultation to review directions for strengthening midwifery.

On November 18-22, 2019, Ramathibodi School of Nursing accepted two nurses from Myanmar. They were Ms. May Mar Min Aung for training on Oncology of Nursing and Ms. Si SI Nyein for training on Radiation Technologist.

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    • Conference on Update in Adult and Gerontological Nursing 2019
    • Conference on Update Pediatric Nursing in 2019
    • Workshops on Current Wound, Ostomy, Continence and Foot Care
    • Workshops on Palliative Care Ward Nurse