WHO Collaborating Centre for Nursing Development


Huda Gharaibeh


Raeda Abu AlRub


Serve as a training centre for nurses and midwives in various basic and advanced nursing and midwifery practice areas in response to the current health needs of the country and the region. Making and practice.

Serve as a resource centre for advancement of nursing and midwifery education through strengthening capabilities of nurse educators and establishing educational certifying programs.

Support utilization of research and relevant knowledge in creating evidence-based nursing and midwifery practice to promote the health of individuals, families, and communities at the national and regional levels.

Contribute to the development of primary health care-based systems by strengthening human resources of nursing and midwifery to address: -Health challenges of the country and the region (mental health, non communicable disease and school health services). -Meet the Millennium Development Goals on improving the status of women and children at the regional level.