WHO Collaborating Centre for Health Services and Nursing Development for Noncommunicable Disease Care


Ferrer Lagunas, Lilian

Catoni Salamanca, Maria Isabel


Gonzalez Madrid, Marcela

Farias Cancino, Angelica

Solange Campos Romero

Alcayaga Rojas, Claudia

Bustamante Troncoso, Claudia

Navarrete Contardo, Carolina

Terms oF Reference

To collaborate with PAHO/WHO in ensuring that schools of nursing prepare a competent nursing workforce able to provide effective care to persons living with chronic conditions.

To collaborate with PAHO/ WHO in the generation and dissemination of evidence based research related to chronic disease prevention and management.

To collaborate with PAHO/WHO to develop the skills of community health care force and family caregivers to support persons living with chronic conditions.