WHO Collaborating Centre for Nursing and Midwifery Development


Kefalotse Dithole


Mosidi Mokotedi


At the request of WHO and in line with the WHO Global monitoring framework, strengthen the contribution of nursing and midwifery in reducing the burden of Non Communicable Diseases (NCDs) and promote health and wellness throughout the lifespan. 

At the request of WHO and consistent with the WHO Global strategy on women, children and adolescents (2016 -2030) strengthen, the capacity of nurses and midwives to provide quality services to reduce morbidity and mortality for mothers and the newborn.

At the request of WHO and in collaboration with other WHOCCs, civil society organisations, professional, bilateral, multilateral and other partners conduct research on NCDs and maternal, new born, child and adolescents.


    • Stakeholder consultation on the Oncology and Palliative Care Nursing curriculum development.

    • The four faculty members attended a consensus workshop on stakeholders engagement and Assessment of the oncology care situation in Botswana hosted by University of Botswana and Rutgers University through a collaboration.

    • The school of Nursing faculty members are implementing a project on Improvement of reproductive Health of Botswana Adolescents.

    • The school of Nursing in conjunction with Global Hope Project hosted Pediatric Oncology Nursing workshop for nurses and midwives from different facilities around the country.
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    • Community outreach for health wellness for community of Block 8, done by Community health Nursing students with faculty. This included health screening for NCDs and other conditions.
    • Community outreach for health wellness carried out for community of Broadhurst done by Community Health Nursing students and faculty
    • The school of nursing sent out faculty members to go to benchmark on oncology care at Rutgers University school of Nursing. The faculty members were trained as ELNEC providers (Jan – Feb , 2020
    • Dr Swart made a presentation at School of Nursing Newark on Improving oncology care in Botswana (link)
    • The school of Nursing /WHOCC hosted a workshop for nurses from health facilities on exploring Pediatric oncology care and treatment in February, 2020
    • Health and Wellness Fair for University of Botswana faculty and staff screening for NCDs.
    • Hosting the Florence Nightingale Roving Lamp presentation at the University
    • Holding a workshop on oncology and palliative Care for Interprofessional team tentatively May, 2020
    • The University of Botswana Nursing Student Association is planning a student activity for Nursing Now
    • Student welfare department and Botswanan Harvard AIDS Institute Launch HBV study
    • School of Nursing and Faculty of Health Sciences have won a grant to Tackilng Infections to
      Benefit Africa Project (TIBA)
    • Dr Mabel Magowe faculty at the School of Nursing/ Deputy Dean- Faculty of Health Sciences
      won an Award from Emory as the inspiring Nurse of Now. (link)