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Strategic directions for strengthening nursing and widwifery services 2011-2015


Based upon the SDNM of 2002 to 2008, the document contains the updated directions to ensure stronger nursing and widwifery services. it's general goal is to provide a flexible framework for broad-based and collaborative action to ensure a enhanced capacity of nursing and widwifery to contribute to universal coverage, people centred health care and more.

after 2 years of reaserch the SDNM task force reached a consensus specifing activities revolving around 13 objectives in 5 diferent key areas such as: health system and services strenghening; policy and pratice; education, training and career development; workforce management and partnership.

at the end, stakeholders might prioritize their particular need, but are encouraged to adhere the collaborative actions aiming the goals estabilished in the SDNM.

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