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GNWHOCC Secretariat receives visitors from UAB

Dean and WHOCC advisor from University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Nursing in Ribeirao Preto

The Secretariat of the Global Network of WHO Collaborating Centres for Nursing and Midwifery Development, will receive, on march 23-25, the visit of researchers from the University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Nursing.
The Dean of the School, Professor Doreen Harper and he advisor to the WHO Collaborating Centre for International Nursing, and former Secrertary-General of the Global Network, Professor Rita Carty, will meet with the Secretary-General of the Network, Professor Isabel Amélia Costa Mendes, and with the Executive Coordinator, Professor Carla Arena Ventura, as well as with faculty members and students.

On March 24th, at 9 a. m. the visitors will presente open lectures to interested audiance, at the Graduate Course "Analisis of Nursing Knowledge". The Lectures are entitled: "Challenges to Nursing Human Resources in the North American Region: Implications for South Africa" by Rita Carty, RN, PhD, and "Clinical translation reseach award UAB and nursing role" by Doreen Harper, RN, PhD.

More information about the visit can be requested by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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